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Still not safe for work, but not as bad as the first attempt. I ended up completely rewriting the second half of chapter four. Just really hated on what the first attempt looked like. I spent the whole day worrying and feeling anxious over it..I feel so much better to have rewritten it into something I can stomach!

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Severely NSFW warnings for the second half. So tired now...X_X

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Surprisingly worksafe chapter...well surprising to the readers at least!

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Def a bit more in the NSFW territory than chapter one.

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That's probably not gonna be the ultimate title..but for now it will do as a place holder...

Summary on fanfic.net:
He's not here for the books but he'll more than settle for her.

Hook Belle pairing, dark pirate romance, season 2 cannon divergence. Better summary to hopefully come to me soon. Non con warnings, and even one for character death (Though not of Hook or Belle.).

See author's note for further ramblings...

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Update on that forgotten wip I found!

Okay, so the notes are very short but precise as to what I had wanted to accomplish with this wip. And now I understand why it was starting in the queen's tower! But...it's very sexual off the bat, and I don't know if I would be able to write it to completion right now..I feel so tapped out when it comes to successfully writing something sexual and sensual.*Cries in frustration*

But I am super excited by the idea in the note file for this forgotten fic of mine. I see the date on the files is march 2016. Still haven't read the wip yet...still nervous too. X_X

Rummaging around in my Once Foldder....

Okay so I am feeling all blah and like thinking I have lost my ability to write a sexual scene of any kind. I've been working myself into a panic that I wont be able to write period after going so long without exercising that talent. I think i need to ease myself into writing something that doesnt get too sexual...so maybe it was a mistake to try and finally start that new idea I had been holding off on for about a year. Since the first chapter is suppose to be sexual and it would help if I could decide on a voice and POV for sure...My first attempt months ago was a first person POV in Belle's voice, but it dind't work out. I ended up with like 100 attempts at an opening line for a Hook POV this week, but finally got something...also first person POV.

However the start feels rough or choppy...the lines and paragraphs that follow flow pretty smoothly, but I am unhappy with the opening lines still. And then my brain completely stalled for the love making scene. Not too surprising since in resraint I could barely think on how to describe a kiss. X_X

Well I thought I'd put the new fic aside and go back to looking over restraint but that didn't happen. Damn OCD kicked in..probably triggred by the funk I workd myself into. Cue like three hours later, when I decide I am gonna look over the Hook POV wip again..but I start looking through my files for it, and notice I have a large file that I didn't know what it was. I've got several small note files, with unwritten ideas, but tis one is about 13 kb, and has a seperate file for notes...

SO curious, I click it open and..........it's a wip I never finished, one I had completely forgotten even existed. I haven't read through it, but the title of the file was enough to remind me of what idea it is....a non conny one! :O

I'm trying to gear up to read it...only I am nervous, cause what if I am still stuck on it. But also...it's taking place in the queens tower, and that kinda...well messed up the whole idea. I ave to look at my note file too, to see if I had any notes on why i chose the queen's tower as a setting..

I am excited, surprised, and nervous! Which is a lot better than my earlier depression, frustration, and panic....
Only took me like eleven days this time! Still so slow. And I may come back and tinker with the background of this one. i don't know. I was gonna have her restrained by the mast of the ship...but I didnt like my efforts...(plus I was having mouse issues when in the paint program just now.) I am tinking of setting it up below deck, with a porthole admist wooden plank paneling. but I may just leave it as it is now..

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OMG! Do want!

So I just saw the cover reveal for my fave VP doujin artists C90 work. It's an adult Lezard Lenneth doujinshi! OMG! DO want! XD

I'm not sure when exactly c90 is taking place...I think the summer comiket happens at the end of August. But maybe it's happening sooner? *dies*
Okay, so I trashed the sinister work in progress, and started over again completely. This time I am much happier, and hopefully I can maintain the fun flirty feel once I get over some of chapter two. I'm keeping my fingers crossed at least!

My summary that is too big for fanfic net:

A complete rewriting & overhaul of one of my first Hook Belle stories. Same premise, but with hopefully better pacing,& better time frame for the relationship developing. Major Season 2 Cannon Divergence. Determined to play peacemaker, Belle finds herself tied to Hook's bed. More than imaginations soon run wild, & relationships start to change. But can love really flourish under the ever present threat of the Dark One's jealous rage?

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