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A Birthday gift for Paige

A VERY early birthday gift for my friend. She didn't want me to hold off until her birthday was closer, since I had it finished already. XD

These are two of her creations, and I don't know how much I can say about them yet...she is writing a story about them. They are not lovers, though the guy, Prince Radcliff desperately would like that!

I have two versions here, cause the girl, COrdelia, freckles are a part of her character, but for the life of me, I don't know how to do freckles to make them look right...to make them resembles freckles. but I tried...

TO me the eyes on her look sorta tortured/tormented soul, which knowing what I know of Cordelia's situation is fitting for this setting! XD The guy, Prince Radcliff, I think at the end, his expressin looks kinda devious. Don't know if I retain the proper smirk,smugness that I was trying for...

Over all I like this pic, especially from the waist up. I had difficulties with Radcliff's legs in that sitting like position. She is supposed to be being made to sit on his lap type thing, so part of her body is covering his one leg...but I worry it looks messed up there....=_=

The dress is mostly Paige's design. I based Cordelia's look off of the doll she made in a doll maker program. But I had to make some tweaks as I cant do see through fabric, and the pink sleeves should have been see through. The light purple wrap thing on her skirt, is actually white on the doll, and a gauzy see through material as well. but since I don'tknow how to color to mimic the effct it was doing on the doll, I settled for a very light purple to differentiate the wrap from the main skirt.

For that matter, Radcliff is designed off of the doll she made of him too...his hair gave me some trouble. I def think the dolls she made of them are so much more beautiful to look at! *especially Coredlia!* But I am still happy with this pic!

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Good lord this took forever...I started coloring this ruffly monster back in September, though we can shave off about six days time, due to I had no way to color while in PA.

The only thing that kept me going, was I felt certain this would look stunning all colored up. I guess I am biased, but I am really pleased with the end result...for the most part. Still took forever, between all the ruffly bits, the wrinkles in Hook's leather, all of Belle's wildly splayed hair...^^''

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This would fit in pretty good for the untitled pirate aU fic I am writing for them....except Hook doesnt have both hands in the pic like he does in the story of mine. But also...I realized I have his hook wrong..but I couldn't bear how the pic looked, flipping it over to have the hook be on the correct hand...So just deal with that inaccuracy!
So a pic of Ryder with my friend....they're supposed to be going out for a formal night out on the town, but......one look at her in that dress, and he can't behave himself to go out! Ha!

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I'm afraid this one has some naughtiness to it! XD

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Only slightly not safe for work!

Chapter two...

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Finally managed to finish this one. This is kinda Megs fault. She knows why. XD Lotor is not pleased that his clone is not only kissing Allura, but getting such an enthuasiastic response! Not safe for work, though you don't get to see anything, cause clothes and the headboard (or is that more a desk?! I don't evne know about the background stuff.)...But it's clear Lotor is doing her, when the clone showed up for those kisses! HA! XD

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So uh...yeah....after struggling for over a year to get this story started, I finally did it. Tonight...even though I didn't think I would. Even better, I really like with what I ended up with! Hurrah! Now to go clean some dishes! XD

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Someday! But probably not tonight....

But maybe we will be surprised. Basically I am trying to concentrate so I can write six of the non con Not Here for The Books. And yet my brain is all bouncy insisting on wandering back to captain beauty au that I've never been able to get the first chapter written right. It needs to be in first person, cause I find doing flashbacks works for me when I write first POV..it just eases into the flashbacks seamlessly that way.

Ideally, my dream is it starts out a Belle POV and stays that way up to the middle half of the story. then it switches to Killian telling the rest. But I don't think it will actually be written that way. Need to be able to show both their thoughts, or Killian might come off...unlikeable. *Gasp! Perish the thoguht*

I'm aggravated, cause I am not gonna be able to work on chapter six...not with this idea bouncing around like a panicked rabbit in my head. X_X But I feel like I am just gonna waste time tonight...time that could be spent on the not here for the books chapter. ARGH! But I can't concentrate on it right now....
I managed to finish it...barely. It's VERY short...I'll probably get flamed for it. I just don't care today. =/ I really like the word play in this, the opening paragraphs, the imagery presented. hopefully what I added to it today, will be adequate, or even better than adequate!

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So I am pretty aimless today. I am a mix of depressio and anxiety, been feeling really down in the dumps. But I am just browsing through my files, of story ideas and half written things. It just reminds me i need to finish this Hook Emma drabble like thing I was writing...back when season four finale had aired, and we didn't know what was gonna be done in cannon with Emma and the darkness.

I didn't get far in what I had written, but what I did write, i really like. *ponders* I am wondering if it has to be a long piece, or if I can get a shorter story out of it...maybe even a drabble. Would post the wip, but I want the impact of the whole piece viewed as a whole when/if I actually finish it!