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2016 continues to be a bust when it comes to completed artworks...X_X But I did finally manage to finish this one. *dies* the dress ruffles was killer to color and shade. Glad to finally have it finished. Not safe for work, though you don't actually get to see the naughty bits!

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Hooked On You Site Updated

Just finished updated my Once Upon A Time website. Hooked on You is now up to date as of this moment....Beyond Here Lies Darkness, The Broken Hearted Comfort, and The Dark Flavor Of Addiction make up the bulk of this update. :)

Now to try to get started on chapter sixteen of the Beyond Darkness fic!
Whooo! new chapter already! Maybe I have entered into being on a roll! :)

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So yeah, about 30 minutes after posting it to the fanfic site, it hit me that i forgot to post it to my own journal. Oopsie. Better late than never! And yes I am as shocked as anyone else that this one got updated....but I got in a mood for it, so yay!

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Jasna and Seth for my friend (Worksafe pic)

Characters of my friend...And yes Seth looks like a dark skinned King Gaius from Tales of Xillia on purpose. I tried to keep him stern looking since Paige and Carly both talked on about how Gaius' stern expression fit the character of Seth...

Originally I thought my attempt at Jasna had her looking like a blonde Belle, but now she reminds me of Romelle a lot too...X_X

I hope Paige likes this! ^^;;

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This one is pretty much the most worksafe chapter thus far. :P

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A very blue themed pic. :p

Would have made more sense for Lezard to be weilding Gungir, but the divine lance is so big a weapon, it would have covered up too much of them.

Took me about a week...way too damn long!


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My doujinshi from the winter 2015 comiket arrived. Among them was book nine in that Valkyrie Profile Series I collect! Lezard Lenneth on the cover (yay!) but the back cover had a very pretty Hrist with Arngrim as the art.

Summary Behind the cut!

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As always, looking for someone who might want to work with me to translate these and a few other doujins.
Finally! Slightly not safe for work, but only slightly...

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So...okay lot of reasons to trigger my OCD in the last two/three weeks. There's a lot of stressors going on, and ot be short, my mom fell and fractured her pelvis. Got sticthes in her arm, AND 17 staples in her back. (SHe hit a cabinet when she went down.)

So my OCD is in full swing, and now it has a new target. A while back I was gonna go through the old LJ posts to copy paste the comments on fics...this is partly paranoia, in case something happens to LJ..does LJ delete communites for inacivity like it does individual journals?! I dont know...but I am busy going through the comments, to save them...and oh my goodness, I am havig some VP nostlagia at the moment. Enjoying the comments on the stalking fic series I cowrote with Nichole, (Sadly it was never finished it was her turn, but I am almost tempted to try and continue it. But I don't know if I could stomach my writing from 2007...=/ Er what I mean is, rereading said writing might make me lose interest in continuing said fic.)

I should go to bed, and I will soon....but I miss those days. I miss the days when I got a lot of encouragement for that fandom (even if it was only like the same five or so people. ^^'') and I was blissfully unaware of the haters and flamers that made me doubt myself. My producitvity for the VP fanfics, really started to falter once I started trying to..i dunno please everyone at once, at the sacrifice of my own happiness.

But I don't want to drudge up bad memories. I want to focus on the good! Even if this is a project that's got me OCDing like WHOAH!