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Well that was...

I had a moment just now. I was drifting in and out of sleep, and had one of those it seemed like a good idea at the time ideas. Basically it got me all Ihave to get up and write this down, though it took a while to get out of bed. I was just that determined to sleep.

It was basically a dark drabble idea...but by the time I got out of bed, and moving, I hesitated. I guess it feels like it has no point to it, is purely graituitous. So I talked myself out of it by the time I got out of bed.

It was supposed to be Lezard teasing Lenneth, seeing how long it takes to break her into her asking him to have sex with her. It blew up into a her being bound and blindfolded too.

*hangs head sheepishly* I guess my mind was just in a dark smut kind of place...

One more thing, a little Voltron thing...

Lotor's Slave Girls
Yesterday I had this little random plot bunny jump out at me. I wasn't gonna mention it, cause at first I was dismissive of it. But I kept thinking about, on how the heck would this work. And I'll explain why in just a sec.

Bascially, it was an idea where I guess Arus was conquered, and Allura was forced to live as a thief. And she runs into trouble when she tries to rob Lotor. Now the reason I was dismissive is....well I was like why would she try to rob the prince of Doom, especially if she's trying to keep alive, and keep hidden as the rightful heir to Arus?!

But then today the answer hit me...she doesn't know it's the prince of Doom she tries to mug (or break into his place?) until after she gets caught by him. DUN DUN DUN! And that's all I got right now...

But it could be fun...

COL Successfully preordered

All Mine
So today I was able to succesfully preorder the digital only game, the rpg Child of Light. April 29th can't come fast enough for me. Of course I got to push to finish Final Fnatasy XIII-2...but it's doable....

Also, ps store is having a flash sale this weekend only, 30 games, 99 cents each...I'm kinda arghing that two of the 30 games I already bought a few years ago, but they had Sam and Max Devil Play house in the sale, so I got that! So very happy about that. :)

I feel like I have so many things tearing me in which direction to I game, do I I color? Considering I put in fours hours yesterday, and almost two today, I think I should stop gaming for a while. XD Try to get some writing in...but I stopped at a story heavy place....only stopped cause I had to go for my evening exercise walk. So my mind is still kinda thinking about storyline events from the game.

I also admit my writing is suffering a hesitation, cause I still haven't been able to decide which character voice should be the point of view narrator for the next chapter. I'm at a point where it's like get one more chapter out, then try to work on something else...i.e. The Trade Off. Or the Hook Emma Neverland fic...

What the,,,

Is LJ having some kind of problem or maintanence tonight? Is that why my journal looks so weird...0_o

Anyay, that wasn't the point of this post. Mostly I am restless, and don't know what to do with myself. I think part of that comes from the fact I can't decide which POV to use for the next chapter of the time travel curse. I want it to be Hook POV, but yet I can make a case that it HAS to be a Belle POV. Which probably means I'm stuck until I can decide what to do fore sure.

Aside from worrying about that, I can't seem to commit to doing anything today/night. My head hurts a bit...maybe I should just give up and go to bed now.
It's worksafe for the most part, though Hook has a naughty reaction to Belle. What else is new?! *Chortles merrily*

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Yay, even with the doubts, I got it done! Whoo! And didn't trash it!

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So this is the wip as it currently exists...I stopped working on it, and now have to reread it...I read over three, and while I think this angle that six explored is still doable (Her not yet relizing she time traveled.) I'm worrying that six needs a lot of reworking, partly to put in better thoughts for Belle. Or maybe I won't have to trash so much of it. But I was trying for a big misunderstandng here on her part. And now I sorta feel like I have to open with her wondering things about why had he asked her for her name in three....ARGH i just don't know yet what I'm to do......

worksafe wip that's not spellchecked or proofread...

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So I been working on and off today on writing between playing dragon quest V. And I was all happy with what I got, and now it hit me maybe everything I wrote is a contradiction of an earlier chapter. It might not be, but the way I have been writing this Belle POV, and this is a slight spoiler, she doesn't realize she travled back in time yet. So I'm writing all this, and then it hit me, was hasn't she wondered about Hook introducing himself in three?

So I am hoping to write the angle that she was so confused after being unconscious for three days, that confused and disoriented, she didn't realize how weird it was that he had asked for her name. I really hope this can work. I loved three, and do not want to have to trash parts of it.....nor do I want to trash what I got for six.

So now it kinda makes me not want to write six but I don't want to do any more rereading tonight. Double argh, cause I was on a roll too, really flowing once I got over the initial hurdle of getting started. It was hard to get my opening paragraphs, but once I did that, progress was happening! *flails at self for the possible mistake/problem in story.*
For good or for bad, here is five...X_X

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More Ramblings about Five

Okay, so I took a break, and trashed that bit of dialouge. went in a differnt direction, and it went so much better. i am not up to 19 kb for five! Only I am not sure if I am on my ending paragraph, or if I should try to flesh out more. I may take another break to consider what to do.