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Here are the pics you were hoping to see! First up, the green gift bag from amazon...courtesy of you, dear Paige! <3

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FINALLY! I've been struggling for the better part of an hour to get AOL and LJ to work long enough to get this uploaded. X_X

Anyway! A new entry in my toasting universe! Lotor and Allura celebrate his victory---his ultimate victory! All hail Emperor Lotor! XD


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Okay so I saw what will most likely be cover for book 10 of the VP doujin series I follow and adore. I got a little worried, cause it's like what about the erotic LezaLenne book?! That didn't get finished in time for summer comiket...so I had babel fish do a rough translation, and basically the doujinka is saying winter is a defeat. Sounds like she won't have ANY books for winter comiket either....and that the erotic LezLenne is still being worked on, but won't be out until spring...


But she is also trying to advertise something for 11/30th...what I don't know...I'm worried if she finished the book for spring time release, she will still make everyone wait until summer comiket. It's only two a year, one for winter (end of december) and one for summer (end of August..I think.)

I just hope I live long enough to see these books...X_X

Found it!

Will probably only mean something to me and Megs...Basically...okay I have been trying to find and thinking it was on a corrupted disc so I lost it...this one rp we did with Suzana...can't remember if anyone else on HT got involved...it was the one where Cleoius goes all sadist dom on a racked up Chaz.

Well I could NEVER find it..I know I had it printed out, but kinda die inside at the thought of having to retype all of it...cause I think we partied for a long time in that vein.

Well tonight I randomly clicked on one of the NINETEEN Genprob files, and found it! So now I have to put those 19 into one big file. See back in HT days I didn't have a cd optoin on my computer, so everything was on those small hard diskettes. And it wouldn't let me save everything into one document file. SO hence the rp I was looking for is broken up into 19 small ones. X_X

There's also the annoying part of how they are all coded, which is fine for web pages, but annoying to try to read through with all the HTML< but I know how to get around that problem...but it's time consuming, so why I never finished organzing all of the HT files.

To date I have one hundred six organized....while the unorganized folder still contains...*dies* 724 indiviual small file documents. *Cries cause hadn't realized it would be THAT big*

No wonder I have like twelve binders worth of HT printed out. I still have not been able to locate the Rosemary O springer tale. Makes me kind sad...though I am pretty sure I have it printed out!
Gonna see if LJ lets me post the whole thing in one go! *crosses fingers for luck*

Ad it didn't.....said it was too large a post....so three seperate posts it is!

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The Celestial Maiden Musings

I finshed prepping the SHe-ra fics into files for the epub conversion and am now on my Valkyrie Profile stuff. Good Lord ths is gonna take forever, even if I wasn't letting excerpts catch my eyes. And now I find myself rereading Celestial Maiden, a fic I had completed. I am soooo tempted to try to rewrite and expand it. When did I first write it..in like 2007....right now the chapters I've read, I could relaly improve on it, but also I really liked the whole language barrier between Lezard and Lenneth. oh the fun I could have! Something to ponder!

well whaddya know!

Okay, so as some of you know, I decided I am gonna convert all my stories to epub format to put them on my tablet for easy reading...Well I started prepwork tonight (And yes this is such an OCD triggered compulsion now._ and began with my She-ra stories.

WellI noticed the original version of The ONes Left Behind, was corrupted a little...Just every few paragraphs there would be a bunch of nonsense letters in the middle for no apparent reason. So I decided to reread all three chapters, to remove the gibberish. It was quite tough not to start correcting the whole story as we are talking about writing that dates back to the early 2000's! Like 2001 or 2002.

Anyhoo, I liked it even though it as old. But the more important thing, my whaddya know moment, is the whole Glimmer dances and pits on a sexy show to seduce a Hordes Guardman scene...it didn't suck like I have belieeved it has for years. I have hated and cringed on that scene for years, and now I see I was too hard on myself.

It's not my best writing by any means, but now I can think back fondly on this fic and not cringe.

Another plus side is, there was threads of things I got reminded of...things I def want to try and work somehow into the overhauled version. Someday I WILL get the fourth chapter of that rewrite actually written out! :)
About to rush out the door, so please excuse any major errors...

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