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Bloody Hell...trade off rantings

Chapter Twenty Four was coming along well....and then...the slap happened, and she ran out the store, and now they are arguing, and I am thinking I need to trash this part. But the problem is it feels natural and right to have her slap him, even if it's overreacting....but then it all falls apart once he catches up to her, and they argue somewhat. T_T Damn it!

Edited to ad: Behind the cut is the part of the chapter I think I have to trash....

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*does the new chapter completed dance*

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Ryder Alexandria Sexy Beast (worksafe pic)

Yes he is a sexy beast. Though she's pretty sexy too! XD :P Ryder and Alexandria...had a hard time deciding between this and the wolf one, but ultimately chose this one, cause I felt like it wasn't gonna be quite as time consuming. Still took like three or four days to color completely. But I felt it would be quicker cause it felt like there wasn't quite as many ruffles and folds in this one. And hey, shirtless Drule hunk is also a plus in my opnion!


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I swear Ryder is getting ready to dip them BOTH in the water. XD

I really like the colors of her outfit. Originally it was gonna be pale purple with a white underskirt, but I so like the colors I went with. So pretty Alexandria looks in this ruffly nightie like dress! :D

Will probably post this to dreamwidth later....too lazy to log in to my other browser to do a succesful pic upload over there. Am trying to work on trade off 23...have like 400 words written, but was so distracted by this pic and this hoax scammer you tuber that Megs linked me to a video for. Spent like at least an hour listening to him driving scammers nuts while coloring!

Must get back to writing now!


Well it's official....

Sooner or later I fuck up everything that I touch......
Yeah, yeah I am still posting here after all. Blah for filler chapter. X_X Glad to have it over..mostly...


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First pic of 2017..(worksafe)

It's a work safe one of Lotor and Allura just posing, being cute together. Was making it as an icon, will probably use it on my new dreamwidth account. I am in the process of moving there...well I got the entries and comments over, though I am trying to fix my tagging system, which will take a while as I slowly go through the old entries.

I'll still keep LJ as a back up, but Megs alerted me to concerns the a lot of the community is having over lj, so it makes sense to go move....hate to abandon this place completely though.

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So...okay this is not a rewrite, but it did get more revisions to it, than just a word here and there. Mostly those opening paragraphs. I adore my trade off story for Killian and Belle, but the first chapter always seemed...I guess the word would be choppy...it just didn't flow as smooth as I would have liked. So I was finally able to fix it. I am currently trying to reread through the other 20 chapters, but I doubt they will need quite as much fixing up as the first chapter did. It's my hope chapter 22 will FINALLY get written once I am done with the first 21 chapters.

Sad fact, I have reread this story several times, know what I am supposed to do next, even have a bunch of opening lines, and paragraphs, and yet since 2014 I have not been able to write 22...hell have not been able to START 22's opening in a way that makes me feel it is good enough. I am keeping my fingers crossed that will finally be a problem I can overcome this week!


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Here are the pics you were hoping to see! First up, the green gift bag from amazon...courtesy of you, dear Paige! <3

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Okay so I saw what will most likely be cover for book 10 of the VP doujin series I follow and adore. I got a little worried, cause it's like what about the erotic LezaLenne book?! That didn't get finished in time for summer comiket...so I had babel fish do a rough translation, and basically the doujinka is saying winter is a defeat. Sounds like she won't have ANY books for winter comiket either....and that the erotic LezLenne is still being worked on, but won't be out until spring...


But she is also trying to advertise something for 11/30th...what I don't know...I'm worried if she finished the book for spring time release, she will still make everyone wait until summer comiket. It's only two a year, one for winter (end of december) and one for summer (end of August..I think.)

I just hope I live long enough to see these books...X_X

Found it!

Will probably only mean something to me and Megs...Basically...okay I have been trying to find and thinking it was on a corrupted disc so I lost it...this one rp we did with Suzana...can't remember if anyone else on HT got involved...it was the one where Cleoius goes all sadist dom on a racked up Chaz.

Well I could NEVER find it..I know I had it printed out, but kinda die inside at the thought of having to retype all of it...cause I think we partied for a long time in that vein.

Well tonight I randomly clicked on one of the NINETEEN Genprob files, and found it! So now I have to put those 19 into one big file. See back in HT days I didn't have a cd optoin on my computer, so everything was on those small hard diskettes. And it wouldn't let me save everything into one document file. SO hence the rp I was looking for is broken up into 19 small ones. X_X

There's also the annoying part of how they are all coded, which is fine for web pages, but annoying to try to read through with all the HTML< but I know how to get around that problem...but it's time consuming, so why I never finished organzing all of the HT files.

To date I have one hundred six organized....while the unorganized folder still contains...*dies* 724 indiviual small file documents. *Cries cause hadn't realized it would be THAT big*

No wonder I have like twelve binders worth of HT printed out. I still have not been able to locate the Rosemary O springer tale. Makes me kind sad...though I am pretty sure I have it printed out!