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Trying to revive my VP muse....which took a massive hit when I got sick and out of commission for most of October. Last time the revival happened cause I was working on my Lezard Lenneth VP Doujins...but i had ended up putting it aside, to work on OSVP...so right now I am tinkering with a few pages, in the hopes it will spark to life my flailing muse.

Still cracks me up that Lenneth sometimes translate to "The eggplant". XD

Or how the one line was I love you my Lenneth, but google translated it as I love you my LENNY.

Case of the blaha

I'm still sick, still having quite the coughing fits. Still a ways to go before the anitbotics are all used up. Damn coughing makes my head hurt, and I am bored to the tenth degree. And yet the headache and coughing, coupled with my inability to committ to anything, leave me indecisive about what fic to work on. I keep opening random fics, just with the intent to do some reading. But I know part of my hang up is...I am in a captain beauty mood, and feeling like I put too much pressure on myself by working on OSVP. I'm stuck in rock and a hard place, cause no matter what I work on, someone will end up disappointed...

not that I feel in any condition to write tonight. but it would be nice to be able to settle on a fic guilt free...to read.

Cpap Machine

Okay they finally called me. Little confused cause they are having me come to them, when the doctor said they come to your home. Now I got to figure out how the heck I am gonna get there....my appointment is not till the 30th though. @_@


Brahms Silmeria pic (Worksafe)

Well I learned my lesson....don't try to draw when sick and sleep deprived. I tried to fix it in paint, and the more I tried to fix the drawing, the worst it became...

It was supposed to be an OSVP illustration...where Brahms comes up from behind to grab hold of her, and take Silmeria hostage. (And end up dragging her all over the plains of Idavoll...) but it looks like crap, and I lost heart about 25 percent of the way in cause I knew it sucks ass in terms of how it looks. But the OCD side of me persisted in coloring it to completion...=/

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No real update on the cpap machine....called the sleep doctor office, and they said they would call the company, and tell them to call me....why can't I have a direct number here?!

Am thinking of rereaidng chapters six and seven, to try and get my muse back for eight...I am bored out of my mind and want to at least look over my fic. Don't know if I will have any success at writing though.
So I didn't set out to make fan art of that chapter at first...but then I realized this looked a LOT like it would fit the scene, so maybe it was subconscious on my part. Whatever the case, it's now an OSVP illustated moment! What moment? When a sleep enchanted Lenneth is kissed awake by her Odin sanctioned husband to be Lezard. XD

This is is also pretty much my most fave pic of these two that I have ever done.....EVER! I have a little bit of a fault with Lezard..he's on his side, and I worry that looks weird.....but the main complaint is his hooded cape. It wasn't supposed to be hooded, but he looked like a hunch back, so I tried to fix it, and made it a hood....

I wish I had Lenneth's dress to wear myself....but no where to wear it if I did. *pouts*


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In other news I haven't been to bed yet...I think fear is keeping me up. Basically I am pretty terrified to go to sleep now, for fear of waking up with my throat closed like it was yesterday....=/

Well that was scary....

Okay I recived a flu shot on monday, and started getting sick symptoms as early as Wednesday. Like wednesday my throat was bothering me, and by thrusday I had nasal drip, a slight fever that went away by the next day, and I was getting dizzy when I blow my nose.

Well this morning...i had a heck of a time to fall asleep cause of my nose. But i did managed a few hours. Now for the scary thing....I lurched up at 7:30 in a complete panic. i could not get air in or out, my throat was completely closed off and I was making this horrible desperate sound for the five minutes it took to finally get it open again. I didn't know if it was sleep apnea related, or a combo of sleep apnea AND the sickness...but I called my doctor's office and left a message for the nurse that handles my doctor's cases.

Seriously, the throat thing was so scary that I actually thought I was going to die during that panicked can't get air in or out moments.

Well no one from the office calls me back until almost four pm, saying it can't be the flu shot causing this. And when I told her about the throat incident, the nurse insisted I go to urgent care immediately. So I did...and sat there for roughly three hours. Partly cause...when i got there there was only two people in the waiting area. however in the back, was a little girl, and I don't know what they were doing to her, but she was screaming bloody murder and not cooperating, and delayed everything by an hour. It was crazy.

Then I get in the exam room, and the doc comes in...Checks my trhaot, it's sore very red and very swollen. So he gives me some kind of sore throat cocktail to help with that, including to help make the swelling go down. Said something about my lymph nodes, AND said my sinus are completely infected. My lung chest area is completely clear though, so thank goodness for that!

He also did a strep throat test, so had to wait around for that too....but the results were negative. However I got a ton of things to take now, including some kind of steroid for the next five days to keep my throat from swelling so badly again. Also asked when I was getting my cpap machine, and advised I call my sleep doctor again, since he said seven to ten days, and this is the tenth day, and the cpap company hasn't made any attempt to contact me. (And no one gave me their contact info so I can't reach out to them directly.) I also have antibotics and like two other things now to take.

But this morning was so scary. I don't know what that was, if I woke up in the middle of a sleep apnea moment or what...but it was so scary. I really thought I was gonna die...


Energy levels draining

I've been so exhausted, like more so than usual. Between the severe sleep apnea I was diagnosed with, and now I get the news this afternoon, that my iron levels are VERY LOW...no wonder I feel like crap. They still haven't given me the cpap machine, and I am so desperate for it, for the restful sleep it is supposed to give me. As such, between Lenneth's POV being difficult to rewrite in general AND my low energy levels...eight is severely delayed. I feel pressure from myself to get it done, but I've barely made a dent on it...I'm only like on page five...and I feel bad because it's over a week since I finished and posted seven.
Surprised I finished this one as quickly as I did. Still took me like five days or more. I don't remember when I started coloring this one, but I worked pretty diligently on it. Maybe now that this is finished, I will be able to write eight of OSVP to completion. It's a Lenneth chapter and per her usual MO, she is being a difficult narrative to write. @_@

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Here's the rest of seven....

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This was another massive chapter, and it took over a week to complete. But I think it was worth it!

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