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Color me a little disapointed...'s not gonna be two VP doujinshi released this summer. The con in July, she is just advertising that she is selling the eight books that already exist in the series. However comiket 88 will have what i hope is the next book in the series. At least I don't have to spend extra money now....

Mostly Sailor Moon (Pic Heavy Post)

So I was doing the ebay thing, and moved a Utena figure, and to my pleasant shock, I found I had a mini Prince Diamond doll! I thought I had one (Though I had thought it was 12 inches) but when I couldnt find him, I resigned myself to not having him. (Since he's kinda pricey on ebay and doesn't look good enough for that kind of cash.) So I was super happy to have found him. NAturally my good friend (Xearthfaex) asked to see a pic of him...Only I went pic crazy and started filming a lot of my remaining Sailor Moon stuff that I don't think I ever posted before!

Get ready, it's a pic heavy post!
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Now I am back to ebay, though its getting near the 24 hour mark of no sleep for me..X_X I want to get my ebay stuff done, so i can get to rereading some fics. Not making any promises, but have been intending to read some VP stuff of mine to try and get motivated to write LezaLenne! Wish me luck! I need it!


After like nearly a year, the doujinka who I follow for her VP work, is advertising books for comiket 88 (August) and some lesser con in July. Two different books! I don't know WHAT they are about, except she posted a pic of Lezard with the dates for the cons written on it. Of course it could be ONE book for two cons. But I would die of happiness if it was two VP books for two cons! XD I think it's two, cause the one for comiket has the 18 plus warning on it! OMG!!! *dies*

Birthday Figures! (Worksafe pic)

Posting this by request of my friend, xearthfaex. The Supergirl and Starfire (new 52 versions) that I got from Patty for my birthday this past weekend.

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I swear that green thing is supposed to be a piece of kryptonite they gave SG as an accessory. 0_o
Finally finished the damn chapter!

Mostly a Darkness POV

Not safe for work for various reasons...

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Okay! Already raring to go!

Got my account confirmation and have been uploading some stuff. It's going slow though...I don't want to flood the place either...^^;; But here is a link to my profile...which I haven't written a profile yet...

I KNOW I want to put OSVP up there! :D Though I have to go get my disc, since most of the chapters aren't saved to my harddrive, but on several cds...^^;;
Well I was unable to stay away from working on the Darkness fic, and currently have about 8 kb I am happy with. less happy is wondering where am I gonna post the finished that end I applied for an invite to that an archive of our own site. I am 478 in the waiting cue as of this moment. X_X

Now I am off to bed...X_X

Hooked On You Updated

Just a quick annoucement to say my Once site, Hooked On You has now been updated. Yay!

Having major fic anxiety now

I think I just scared myself, talked myself out of updating the darkness fic...mainly cause I worry about what was going on, what might still be going on, with captain swan fics being targeted by another shipping faction...I don't want to lose my whole account, have all my fics and reviews deleted from it, because I updated a that fic, and drew the attention and insanity of that other faction. I don't want to be caught in the crossfire of the shipping war....

This is so stupid. Thank goodness Hook Belle doesn't have this kind of insanity attached to it! (Which does surprise me, though I am so relieved theres no real drama there...)

I am currently updating my Once site, Hooked On you...and also wondering how I can possibly update the darkness fic and point people to the new chapters. Part of me thinks I should remove the chapters, and just leave an author's note in it's place...But i don't want to have to do that. *sighs*

Once Again...

Oh God, after watching the season Hook Muse didn't just come flailing back to life, it's demanding I work on Beyond Here Lies Darkness. Which is why I never like announcing when I am rereading a Voltron fic, cause I don't want to get people's hopes up, only to end up having to let everyone down. X_X