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Many hours later I realized I forgot to upload this here...oops!

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Yeah I ended up trashing the original attempt I feel much better about this rewrite, even though it's MUCH shorter.

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The sad thing is I am probably gonna completely trash this once I wake up after I get some sleep. @_@ See my extremely depressed sounding author's note for more...

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Finally! (See long ass author's note for more)

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Finally wrote something.....see long author's note for further babbling.

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Vp Doujin stuff

She still didn't finish volume 11 but that's okay! However there is this other artist, that writes and draws Lezard Lenneth, And I wrote to her last night. One of my questions beside if I could buy from her her book(s) was if they are novel only books. There is one with a beautiful cover, but I can't tell if she writes fanfic only.

Anyway...I am checking out her twitter page, translating things, and came across a tweet from a few hours ago, that I wonder if it's about my letter to her! XD

Google Translate says:

I do not know because I've never traded in an English-speaking country, but I wonder if the one who gave me this in a download by Word file, etc. can translate by myself ... .... If you say that I want it, I can give it as it is ...
This is one I really liked from start to finish. I couldn't see how I could possible mess this one up, even before i started putting colors on it. It might be one of my all times faves for Lotor and Allura too. Only complaint would be i was so tired of working on it by the end, that I didn't attempt to shade all of Allura's jewelry and dangling ornamentation. But I still love this one! <3

I tried to do a design on Lotor's robes....I can't believe I actually shaded all of that tiny detail work too for him. @_@

Hope you like!

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I miss it...

I miss working on my Captain Beauty Once fics....

Course with how crazy things are around here, who knows if I will get the peace and mind set to write ANYTHING. Almost done with my Lotor Allura pic by the way.

Rufus Alicia Posing Cute (Worksafe pic)

First Rufus Alicia fanart I've done in YEARS. I really wanted to try to be true to form for their ingame outfits, but I got frustrated halfway through the sketch....so I tried to simplify things, then I got to the point I was ready to pull on my hair....so I just gave up on them, especially on Rufus' clothing.

Still like this pic a lot. Just wish they didn't have ingame designs that are so overly complicated with so many little details on their clothing. @_@

I want to do something of them based on my Sacrificial Maiden fic too...

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OMG yes!

I randomly checked that artist's page. Now she is saying volume 11 of the VP doujinshi will be release on the the 21st of this month! YES!!

But it also sounds like she finally finsihed the story. Which makes me have mixed feelings. Glad to know how it ends, but....will miss it too. been following this series for almost 10 years now!