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More VP Goodies!

My latest Valkyrie Profile Haul. A mix of four doujinshi and three official manga. That one Gejikoh completes my set of the Valkyrie Profile related Gejikoh! Even better, got it for 150 yen. A whole set of the eight is going for a crazy amount. So I am pleased at punch to get the one I was missing, for so cheap….now if I could only get the dark alchemist four to complete my set. I have 1-3, but everyone is selling it as a set of four, and I don’t want to buy the first three volumes again….

Bonus! The gejikoh had a Brahms Silmeria story in it! (With Mystina Lezard shenanigans in the background, along with a crying Odin! XD)

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VP and trying to find my writing muse

Just as I was getting ready to write this post, mail arrived. My VP Silmeria Anthology EX (OFficial licenced Manga product too!) arrived! Yay! Maybe I'll take a pic of the covers later...

Anyway...I've been in such a VP mood, but been finding it hard to write...last night I almost got seduced back to Hook Belle...so in a desperate bid to stay VP focused, I resumed my fic praise LJ edition thing. Which I don't think I ever talked about before. basically I got paranoid that if the community goes down/LJ deletes stuff, I would lose all those fun conversations, encouragements, and feedbacks I had on my fics. I've been working on this on and off for like three years now...cause I get distracted by other things. And when I am all caught up on the VP comments, will probably start a Voltron edition.

Anyway....it's over 500 pages of convos I had with people for VP. :o I'm only up to the year 2011 too...@_@

But since early this morning I have been copy pasting those comments and conversations...partly to make sure I have them saved, but the other thing was to try and get my writing muse inspired...Don't know if it's working...not entirely....because now I am getting intimadated for my own fic. Mainly getting scared/intimadated/overhwelemd about all I have to still do to try and overhaul OSVP. @_@

Also...like two months ago I was in the mood to read Inescapable....only I ended up trying to rework/overhaul it. But I only got part way through chapter one....now I am suddenly in the mood to try and finish the overhaul of that story's first chapter...and yet....I have mixed feelings about it, and I know I should be working on OSVP.

*Slumps* I hope I can get some sleep soon....and find my writing muse.
Been pretty sick. Lost my entire Sunday to being in bed violently ill. Still have a headache, but felt well enough to get up and work on my translations. Felt like sharing the latest three pages:

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Lezard Lenneth from Volume Eight…They were reincarnated and grew up together but the memories of the past life are also coming back, leaving both of them conflicted. In an earlier volume, Lezard had begged Lenneth to kill him for fear his past self would take over and make him hurt her. She obviously didn’t, but she’s torn between who she was, and who she is now…between the people of her world, and the people of the reincarnated world.
So....today I took a break from translating, to try and read some VP stuff of mine. Specifically, I went and reread When Darkness Dreams Of Light. It's only two chapters. Plus my note file. I was surprised to see it's the darker take on the stolen idea. I hadn't realized I had started that version. I sorta want to try and work on this fic, and fix some of the names.....maybe...(Haven't decided....Trevor is Loki, but I don't know if I should give everyone their norse names. XD)

But I worry the modern day side of the story....well right now I am not so enthusiastic about writing it.

Also, I know i know, I am driving everyone nuts, most of all Huntress...I had to fix up the begginning paragraphs of chapter one of OSVP AGAIN. nothing major this time. Just more like typos, and replace one word with a differnt one here and there. to make it flow better. Hopefully this will be my last revising of chapter one...i tried to resist tinkering with it....but I ended up rereading the first four pages several times, over and over, cause I couldn't stand them in their current form. I wish whatever wire or synapse in my head would just learn to be happy with a chapter other people like. And yet that broken gear in my brain keeps insisting I have to make it perfect and or fix it...@_@

But this point, I corrected chapter one, and also reread two...now trying to press on to read three-seven with the hopes to complete eight.

Latest Doujinshi Haul!

Fresh from Japan, my doujinshi shipment arrived today! Most of these were Valkyrie Profile books (Seven in fact! :)) BUt I also got two Fate Grand Order books AND A magi labyrinth of magic book. so exciting. :)

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Exciting to the point I don't know which one to look at first. one is a 10 year anniversary anthology that is 192 pages! :O EEEEEE!
Finished this the other night, but had been too tired to try and go over it for any mistakes. Ended up deviating a little from the original version too!

Subtitle of this one would most likely be Hunger.

Lezard Lenneth Angst again…

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The hating on my decades old writing continues...see author's note at the end of this for more....

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It's worksafe but there is bondage involved....

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Been Working on my doujinshi translation attempts again this morning. These were really hard to do with some of the concepts...I call these partial translation attempts, as I have no confidence...don’t normally share them either, but meh...felt like showing what I’ve been up to while under the weather. 

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It's from Volume Six of the Let's Live Together series. :)
Many hours later I realized I forgot to upload this here...oops!

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