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Random OSVP LJ Comment I JUST found today

So I am going through my old entries (Almost done with the VP fanfic side of old entries) and to my shock, I found an unapproved comment on one of the entries from a year ago. I had never gotten the alert for it! *kicks LJ and glares*

I have since approved and replied to it, but I kinda doubt the original poster will see. It makes me sad that they think I ignored them....SO I am posting their comment HERE With my reply...Just in the hopes if they check my journal randomly, they might see and know I was happy to get it!

(Anonymous) (
Sep. 24th, 2017 10:45 pm (local)

I am so glad that you decided to come back to this fanfic, I honestly enjoyed reading it when you were still updating it years ago and I had lost hope that you would ever update it again. I love how you're updating the story and I can't wait to see more of it.
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cleoius (
Sep. 24th, 2018 08:17 pm (local)
OH my goodness, how did I miss this reply!? I never got the alert for it, and only found it today sitting unscreen on the journal entry's page. THank you so much!

Last week's VP Related Haul!

Another VP related haul. I was actually shocked by how heavy the package was when it arrived. I got even more of a shock when I opened said package...why? Well I only needed volume four of the Dark Alchemist manga. And I thought for five bucks I was buying just volume four. Imagine my surprise that for five dollars, they sent me the entire series! :O Though now I don’t know what to do with the extra 1-3.

The funny thing is, the site was selling them individually for like under $2 a volume, and I remember when they finally got in four, I wondered why it was so much more money than the other three. Now I know why!

As for the Alicia Profile doujin, I used one of the Dark Alchemist manga volumes as a censor, since that book has Alicia’s bared breasts showing. :O

Ignore the date on the camera, I never figured out how to get it to the right date. oopsie! XD

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Resumed my translation project...This one is more rough, as I had some more than usual difficulty, and I did not try to get the hand written text at all. (Too messy to read.) Funny enough Mystina’s yelling about Lezard was the easiest part to get…XD

And It cracks me up how all the female einherjar seem to be fans of Lezard…even if it’s cause of monetary reasons. Actually that seems to be a thing, cause I have another book, where the female einherjar all pestered Alicia to ask Lezard about the kind of woman he likes/wants. XD

This current book I am working on, doesn’t have an ongoing story. It’s more just random moments. Some serious, some funny. Still a pretty good book I say! :)

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Dominated (worksafe LezaLenne)

Just finished this one a few minutes ago. Also realized while coloring this, I missed bondage month! (It's July right? Not that I've been very active in picture output of late...so maybe it's good I missed it.)

Anyway, those two, a pair of handcuffs, and a maniacal gleam. Enjoy!

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Another oldie...probably dates back to like 2014 or 2015...but i only just finished it. I kept the file name, but had to change a detail..in the first "draft" of the pic, her clothes were coming off a lot more. I had her wearing just the white undershirt, and seperarely the blue skirt ...but I hated how it looked, so added more and ended up covering her up quite a bit.

Was almost done with it, and started thinking maybe I should have done this as a Lezalenne pic instead...:p

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Took me since Monday to write this little. =/ Hopefully four will be much easier to write...

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Sad news....My kitty passed

Maxie had diabetes. Her blood sugar was 544 and she had lost almost half her body weight. SHe was down from 13 pounds 80 ounces to seven pounds 5 ounces. My mom chose to put her down. She couldn't even stay in the room for the final moments, but I did...it was so sad...Maxie fought till the end, cause they gave her a sedative and she would not go to sleep....

My mom is now really hysterical and saying this is exactly why she hadn't wanted to take Maxie to the vet, cause she knew we'd have to put her to sleep.

Platina is looking for Maxie I think. She's walking around crying a lot...

The vet doctor, she said we could have done insulin shots which my mom said no to, or feed her an ALL meat diet. Truthfully my mom was asking to put her to sleep even before she was checked over. =/ My mom is this weird mix of upset and angry, cause she didn't want to lose Maxie. but I pointed out she was suffering and wasting away....

I'm not sure if I am gonna do any writing. At least not on Dark Flavor. It's such an emotional draining fic, and I think I need something more ....something not quite so exhausting. But we shall see...


In between writing, I fit in some time to work on this...celebrated finishing chapter twenty five by doing the last touches on the pic! :)


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